The  38th  edition of the annual scientific conference on Fisheries Acoustics and Technology of the International council for the Exploitation of the Sea (ICES)  Inter-govermental organisation created in 1902, which coordinates Research on  Environmental and Marine Resources in the Atralntic and Ajacent Seas took place  in Dakar from the  25 to 28 th AprilL, 2022.

This conference coverged/brought together Scientist worldwide,from United States of America, Europe, Canada, Japan, Hawaii, Sub-saharan Africa and Maghreb,on the theme  Usage of Scientific sounders particularly for fisheries purposes.. These technpologies are currently used to assess small pelagic stocks in Senegal and the sub-region. CRODT in  collaration with Ministry of Fisheries and Economic Maritime use this type of technology on-board the Research vessel,Itaf Deme ( Vessel of 35mbased in Dakar, that Dr. Abdoulaye Sarre  knows to this finger tips.

This Year, this choice of organising  this conference in Africa and Particularly in Senegal is not unusual said Patrice Brehmer (IRD/CSRP), (co-organiser of the event with Abdoulaye Sarre ) as this is inline with acoustics works realised in the past years by Researchers in the Sub-Region on small pelagics and their habitats. En effect, Senegal and Maurtania spearheaded this domain at the continental level. It is almost 50 years ago(half of a century), when the first acoustic surveys were conducted off the coast of Senegal by CRODT and in Maurtania by CRNOP which is now IMROP (Maurtanian Institute of Research and Oceanography and Fisheries).

International event to facilite the exchange of information between acousticians, physists, enginers, biogists, oceanographers and fisheries Ecologistes worldwide

The published proceedings of this annual conference reflect the  historical development of many/numerous/several techniques   implemented in operational oceanography and  considering these developments in the observation of applied Aquatic Systems.  .

Dr. Ndague Diogul (CRODT/IRD) also took the senegalese flag high during the conference , by presenting 4 articles, 3 of which she was first author  in which he is first author in 3 of them. End of 2021, she was in charge of acoustic instruments on-board a Germa . At the end of 2021, she was responsible for acoustic instruments aboard a German research vessel that crossed the Atlantic, and deployed very sophisticated and modern machines such as broad band multi-frequency acoustic profilers, more than 1000 meters in the abyss.. Yusupha Coly , a ypung Doctorate student from  the University of Assane Seck in Ziguinchor (UASZ) also showed interest within the scientific community, by presenting his  work conducted with IRD, which highlights a significant error on data from scientific sounders in deep water and in tropical areas where the temperature of the sea surface and that of the bottom vary considerably, causing a variation in the profile of the speed of sound in seawater.

Michael Jech (NOAA, USA), président du FAST,  from Woods Hole in Senegal said : « I was happy to see the members of FAST after an interruption of 2 years of presential meetings and  to also meet new members from west african countries for the exchange of knowledge and ideas .. Abdoulaye Sarré and  Patrice Brehmer  also said they are happy to have succeded in organising the 38th annual meeting on African soil., « This is the first time that this conference is held in the African continent and also out of the western countries. örn Schmidt, président of scientific commitee of ICES  du comité scientifique de l’ICES said surenchérie « " I am happy that this meeting is able take place  in Senegal indicating a strong cooperation between experts from all over the world in  particular West Africa.I, myself have worked in Senegl and the sub-region in the AWA project of the Sub-Regional Fisheries Commission.

Important Scientific Collaborations in perspecvtive in the contries of the Sub-Regional Fisheries Commission

At the end of this conference, new collaborations are envisaged in the countries of the SRFC zone. It should be noted that the holding of this conference in Africa follows the work started in the European projects “AWA” (IRD-BMBF/CSRP) and “FP7 Preface”. It is part of the objectives of ongoing projects in Senegal and West Africa (European project Triatlas, and Nextgems; FAO Nansen project, etc.) as well as research carried out by laboratories in West Africa, in particular at CRODT and IMROP in Mauritania. These  two institutes, which are already partners, are also considering  of increasing their work in this area and benefiting other countries in the SRFC zone (Cape Verde, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone), with the support of their American partners and Europeans still in the majority in this discipline of marine sciences.

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Ndague Diogoul at Sea  :


Sunday 22 May 2022