As part of the PESCAO program funded by the European Union, the "CRE Mohamed Lemine Lefdhal" operation took place from February 11 to 20, 2022 in the EEZ of the three participating countries (Mauritania, Cape Verde, Senegal), three of the seven member countries of the Sub-Regional Fisheries Commission (SRFC), an intergovernmental organization for fisheries cooperation established by the Convention of March 29, 1985, amended on July 14, 1993 in Praia (Cabo Verde). This operation also saw the participation of its partner (EFCA/AECP).

Apart from the general objective of sub-regional operations (monitoring fishing activities in the waters of targeted Member States for a period, strengthening the capacities of MCS structures in Member States, pooling the resources available in the sub-region, etc.), the specific objectives of this "CRE Mohamed Lemine LEFDHAL" operation were as follows: "ensure a deterrent presence for 10 days in the EEZ of the waters of the EM/Centre North, Cape Verde, Mauritania, Senegal, with a focus particularly in border areas”; “strengthen the capacities of MCS structures in terms of operational cooperation”; “exchange best practices in planning and conducting an operation”; and “exchange of experience in the practice of inspections and control of trawlers by a transfer of personnel between patrol boats”.

The naval assets of the States participating in this operation were as follows: PHM AWKAR from Mauritania, PHM FOULADOU from Senegal and DEJU from Cape Verde. The human resources included: the directors of the SCS/Of liaison structures, Ops heads of the SCS structures, fisheries inspectors on board the patrol boats, radio and VMS/AIS operators; EFCA staff in videoconference, CSRP staff.

The program manager at the CSRP, CV Mamadou Ball, puts the event in its context, evoking this great opportunity to bring together, by videoconference, participants in Europe and on the High Seas for the Cape Verde star and the Mauritanian patrol boat Aoukar. He thanked the Mauritanian Coast Guard for the perfect organization of this event and the provision of the operation of all the means guaranteeing its success. Thanks also go to Captain Mouhamedou Ould Abderrahman, Commander of the Coast Guard for the dinner organized in their honor. Then, it was around the European coordinator of the project, Mr. Bruno, to thank the participants in this operation and encourage them to continue on this path. For his part, the CV Mouhamedou Ould Abderrahman, thanked the CSRP for having chosen the Mauritanian coast guard for the organization of this event and especially that it bears the name of a compatriot who gave everything for the guards. coasts and who left us, the late Commissioner Mohamed Lemine LAFDHAL. The closing remarks delivered by the Commander of the Mauritanian Coast Guard and addressed to the representatives of the three participating countries (Commander Md Abdallahi Ould Chekroud, Head of Operations at the Mauritanian Coast Guard, CV Pétro Santana, Commander of the Coast Guard of Cap -Vert, Sérigne Gaye of the Senegalese Navy; the monitoring officer, Assane Thiam, the CSRP computer specialist, Zakar Fall) was to do everything possible to banish the illegal fishing system and preserve the resource of the member countries of the CSRP (Cape Verde, Gambia, Guinea Conakry, Guinea-Bissau, Mauritania, Senegal, Sierra Leone).Sid M’Hamed Ould Mhaymed

Total balance of the operation

Vessels identified: 266

vessels inspected: 159

Boarded ships: 13



Thursday 24 March 2022