Funding: MAVA Foundation

Implementation: CSRP

Duration of phase 1: 3 years (2018- 2020)


Nationals: CIPA (Guinea-Bissau), CRODT (Senegal), FD (Gambia) and IMROP (Mauritania)
International: CSE, IRD, UBC and TMT

Improvement of the data collection system on small pelagic fisheries;
Improved scientific knowledge of stocks and critical sites of small pelagics
Strategy 1: Improve data collection systems and scientific knowledge

  • R1. Gaps are filled in data quality and knowledge in small pelagic stock assessment and equipment and training needs are met
  • ​The data collection system with tablets has been tested and deployed for all countries. Harmonization of data collection sheets and implementation of dematerialized collection of information in the field. (IRD)​
  • Collection with this tool is carried out successfully.
  • Organization of national training workshops in the use of ODK COLLECT tablets provided to research institutions involved in the 4 project countries.
  • Organization of a training workshop on stock assessment with models working with little data.
  • Organization of a training workshop on the use of AIS and VMS information to improve the quality of data on pelagic fisheries.
  • R2. Critical coastal sites for small pelagics are identified, characterized and mapped
  • ​Organization of a sub-regional workshop to (1) define the notion of critical site for small pelagics and (2) reflect on methods for identifying and characterizing critical sites; (CSE)
  • Data collection from partner institutions (GFD, IMROP, CIPA and CRODT): A field mission was carried out in the following institutions IMROP, CIPA and GFD.
  • Creation of national maps of critical sites for small pelagics: the following thematic maps have been drawn up: (i) spatial distribution of sites of ecological importance for small pelagics; (ii) location of sites of high socio-economic interest and iii) spatial distribution of critical sites for small pelagics in each country (Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania and Senegal).
  • A3. Sub-regional cooperation in research on critical coastal sites and small pelagic stocks is strengthened
    • ​Compilation of national data, (CSE)
    • Development of a sub-regional atlas of critical sites for small pelagics in two formats (digital and analogue) and
    • Development of a WebGIS application for information dissemination.