The HPL Department coordinates the following activities:

  • Development and implementation of shared tools for sustainable and fair fisheries management
  • Establish a common system to regulate access and allocate fishing rights for fisheries of common interest;
  • Develop and implement principles for effective, fair and transparent management of fishing capacity in the SRFC region;
  • Promote the establishment of a coordinated and harmonized policy on the regulation of access and allocation of fishing rights;
  • Promote the establishment of a common access regime for foreign fishing in the medium term


  • Advisory support to Member States on policies relating to fair fisheries agreements compatible with the sustainable exploitation of fish stocks


  • Support to Member States in their relations with grassroots organizations and regional and international partners
  • Strengthen the negotiating and organizational capacities of States;
  • Support Member States for the adoption of joint strategies at international fora;
  • Strengthen collaboration between SRFC and national institutions involved in fisheries, and foster cooperation between SRFC and sub-regional, regional and international organizations specializing in fisheries management and the fisheries sector in general;
  • Disseminate the code of conduct for responsible fisheries as well as international instruments on fisheries management.
  • Awareness-raising/knowledge building on management measures for Member States Develop and implement a permanent communication and awareness-raising programme on measures for the conservation of fisheries resources and fisheries management, and ensure that the relevant laws, regulations and other legal standards are disseminated to professionals by the most appropriate means.